Combine strawberries with coconut for our ultimate healthy ice-cream recipe

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Enjoy the summery taste of fresh fruit and creamy coconut milk with our healthy ice-cream recipe.  

Ice-cream is often known as the ultimate guilty pleasure – and is loved on warm, sunny days, as well as cosy, winter evenings. But because it is usually high in fat and sugar, it’s an unhealthy treat that should be enjoyed occasionally. 

That’s where our recipe can help! Our strawberry and coconut ice-cream is full of natural goodies like honey and coconut milk which are full of flavour and sweetness without the need for sugar. 

And by swapping dairy for coconut milk, this recipe is suitable for vegans and those with lactose intolerances too. 

So there’s only one real question to ask. One scoop or two? 


  • One can of full-fat coconut milk 
  • Three teaspoons of honey 
  • One teaspoon of vanilla essence 
  • Fresh strawberries 

Swap out your strawberries: 

Coconut milk is the dream companion for a range of fruit. Why not get tropical with mango or peach, or up the berry content by adding raspberries and blackberries to the mix? 


  1. Mix the coconut milk, vanilla essence and honey in a bowl 
  2. Carefully pour the mixture into an ice cube tray and let it freeze for four hours 
  3. Once it’s frozen, pop the cubes into a food processor and add two handfuls of chopped fruit 
  4. Blitz until smooth, stirring occasionally 
  5. For soft serve ice-cream, serve immediately. For a harder consistency, pop it back in the freeze first. 

This healthy ice-cream recipe is a fun way to get the whole family creating in the kitchen – even the smallest of hands can help out! And because it swaps sugar for honey and dairy for coconut milk, you can treat yourself while giving your health a boost. 

Interested in some more healthy swaps and tasty recipes? Take a look at our blog for some fresh ideas. 

02 May, 2024